What does the control panel look like?

The screenshots below should give you a good idea of what your control panel looks like

Revenue Graph

The Dashboard Overview page gives you instant access to your service’s revenues and key stats, so you can quickly and easily see how your service is performing. We’ve included everything you need from total monthly revenue to future payouts.

Stats Graph

The Stats graph provides you with insightful metrics on traffic behaviour and average spends per user. The Payment Success funnel and Repeat Purchases chart help give you an overview of both conversion rates and repeat purchases.

Transaction Detail

The transaction detail panel provides a higher level of detailed information on individual transactions. This detailed information is available instantly for every single transaction made on your account, and includes device data and notification responses.

Detailed Reporting

The detailed reporting page provides more detailed metrics on conversion rates as well as further data on transactions, revenues and traffic. You can easily find out which traffic sources are getting the best conversion rates with daily granularity.

Recurring Payments

The Recurring and Future Payments table provides a forward-looking view of forthcoming transactions, allowing for revenue predictions and enabling merchants to easily see details about individual recurring payments.